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Ballast precautions and characteristics


Electrical ballast: basic indicators of the starting voltage, working voltage, current, output power, typical cold starting current, starting current, thermal efficiency, working temperature range; the protection function is to have overpressure protection, low voltage protection, no-load protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, waterproof and anti vibration performance and so on. These technical indicators can generally be measured by some common test instruments, and some indicators are the need for specialized instruments to test the. Here I focus on a few typical data:

First, the cold start time stabilizer: cold start time by looking at the input current can simply judge the lamp, and the method is more accurate flux test HID lamp ballast: good can make the HID lamp in one second can achieve stable brightness 25%, 4 seconds can stabilize the light flux 80%. We must carefully choose below this standard;

Second ballast hot start time: 15 seconds extinguished in the lamp is stabilized after some ballast power lighting can reach the highest brightness in 80% seconds, almost feel the delay, and some ballast will need 3-5 seconds delay can make the highest brightness of the 80% lamp. Of course, the stability of the ballast less time better. When the ballast and lamp is in normal working condition, you can make the repeated operation of the switch, the general work of good quality of normal ballast ballast, there will be some light bulb is not normal, there will be a bright a bright phenomenon, must cut off the power supply to re open, this is a great security risks for consumers. Please pay attention to this point when consumers buy;

Third ballast works: current stabilizer work is divided into two kinds, respectively is the constant current and constant power, while the latter is the correct design can provide long service life of HID, a new HID bulb, the distance between the electrodes is 4.2mm, if you want to jump in the two electrode electric arc between (called frame arc), the voltage must be 23000V at both ends of the electrode (light, after working voltage will be reduced to 70 - 100V), but with the increase of light frequency, time, distance between the two electrodes will be more and more far, and to maintain the working voltage of electric arc jump, but also by 85V gradually increased to 110V. Constant current stabilizer will continue to supply a stable working current, but with the increase of HID pipe pressure, the overall output power (according to the P=VI formula) will also be upgraded from the rated 35W slowly to 45W. Additional power will accelerate the aging of the HID lamp, reduce life. Light LED bulb fixing base meltdown, will burn a lamp and ballast! The use of constant power output of the stabilizer will not have such concerns;

Fourth, the stability of the output power: HID lamp characteristics determine the power of its work can only be 35W, too high power will accelerate the aging of the HID lamp, reduce life. Constant current stabilizer is not able to guarantee the stability of the output power. Ballast and power, the stable range of different scheme of the power are quite different; ballast power error simulation scheme about + 3-6W; the error power stabilizer scheme about MCU + 2-4W; and the use of ballast ASIC or built-in DSP kernel MCU scheme, its output power error can be + 0.5W. To maximize the extension of the life of the HID lamp, closely follow the changes in the pressure of the HID tube, so that the HID lamp does not blink, do not go out.

Fifth, the stability of the service life: the life of the stabilizer in addition to design factors, and the parts used are closely related, the most important components

Capacitors: electrolytic capacitors to be used to withstand high temperature and low leakage, and to have more than 5000 hours of service life; ignition capacitor is required to withstand a high impact voltage.

High pressure package: now the market is divided into two types of high voltage package wire and foil. In contrast, the foil of the instantaneous energy output is more adequate, insulation performance is better, natural life is longer.

Discharge tube: the discharge tube into the discharge switch and lightning protection discharge tube 2, discharge switch is the life of the lightning protection discharge tube more than 10 times, in the early use of the product may not see the merits, but after a period of use naturally to separate the good from the bad.

As mentioned above, the ballast is the most complex and the most technical component in the whole HID lighting system. Its quality directly determines the performance of the whole system. In addition to focusing on whether it can light up the lamp, we should pay more attention to the protection of the HID lamp life extension, and its own life. Only high stability, long life HID system can be regarded as a cost-effective products.

Sixth protection function

When the overvoltage protection input voltage exceeds 18V, the stabilizer will stop working automatically, protect the stabilizer and avoid the damage of the ballast and HID bulb.

2 low voltage protection

When the input voltage is greater than 9V, the stabilizer can work normally, less than 8V, the stabilizer automatically stop working, to avoid damage

3 no load protection

When the ballast does not receive the light bulb, it will stop working automatically when it is unloaded

4 short circuit protection

When the ballast is short circuited, the stabilizer will stop working automatically to avoid damage.

5 reverse connection protection

In the installation process, due to operational errors led to the input power is positive, the negative electrode connected to the counter, the automatic stop the work to avoid damage.

6 waterproof performance